In building industry, join our numerous satisfied customers in building industry; ranging from a wall plasterer working on the wails of a single room to a builder completing a thousand-apartment construction. Use Öztüre products on roads, canal banks, airports, construction site grounds to achieve a low-cost and extra-durable stabilazation. By using any Öztüre product you can save on labour and time immensely while obtaining the high quality result you want.

In industry, take your place among industrialists who use Öztüre products during every process from steel to Ytong or white brick=other known asGazbeton, from animal feeds to food products, sugar, Paper and glass industries and from petrochemical production to chemicals industry. Observe the high quality features of our products supplied to all of our customers who use lime as raw materials or additives.

in environmental industries, use lime to soften process water without harming or polluting the environment. Solve the sulphur-dioxide problem caused by burning of coal and fuel oil in industrial and thermal plants and in households by using lime instead. Prepare agricultural fields with Öztüre Calne ecological fertilizers. You can get rid of numerous environmental pollution problems permanently and economically and hygienically by ©aura's environmental systems and products.