7 pressure type furnaces of 250 tons


Daily Production of 1750 Tons of Quicklime

Vişne Madencilik A.Ş.

Our lime production, which was started by our founder Nihat Mithat Öztüre in the Bergama district of İzmir in 1952, continues in 2010 with Vişne Madencilik Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, which is a part of Öztüre Holding. Our Vişne Madencilik lime factory, which operates in Adana province, Yüreğir district, Çelemli neighborhood, has become able to produce 1250 tons of quicklime per day with its increased capacity and 5 kilns in a short time.

In addition, as of 2013, Çukurova Kireç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has joined our group and our growth in the sector continues with our factory, which was established in Kahramanmaraş province, Pazarcık district, Akçakoyunlu neighborhood in 2021, which now produces 500 tons of quicklime.



28 years of experience since 1994


200 types of product portfolio

Bergama Taş A.Ş.

Pietra Kaikos, Turkey’s first and highest capacity “non-marble” natural stone products manufacturer, has been maintaining its strong position in the market since 1994.

Continuing to be the strongest turned stone producer in the market, Pietra Kaikos also produces rare and unique special design elements according to the orders and requests of famous designers for the interior designs of some of the world’s most famous venues, with its expert design team.

Using rocks from Turkey’s top quality quarries and ensuring the highest possible color and texture homogeneity have been among the most important quality priorities of Pietra Kaikos since the day it was founded.

The latest trends in the world natural stone markets point to the use of natural stone in outdoor and landscape design. Pietra Kaikos’ deep-rooted quality management and experience in landscape design makes the world’s famous designers prefer Pietra Kaikos products.



19 years of experience since 2003


2 main class products (Anthracite and petcoke)

Urla Makina A.Ş.

Our Aliağa Factory, which was opened in 2003 with the operation permit obtained, carries out the grinding, drying and packaging of anthracite and petrocoke. It has grown in a short time with the investments made and new additions.

Currently, rotary type drying drums that are valid in the world are used in our business.

Our product range is divided into two main classes as anthracite and petrocoke, and these are also divided into classes in terms of size.



28 years of experience since 1994


An average of 80,000 tons of products per year

Minereks A.Ş.

Minereks Dış Ticaret A.Ş. was established in 1994 within the body of Öztüre Holding in İzmir. With its quicklime, slaked lime, dolomite, dolomitic lime, moisture and gas absorber product groups, it serves its customers with the best quality, correct packaging and timely delivery targets. With our 28 years of experience and an average of 80,000 tons of products per year, we reach different countries of the world and become the solution partner of our customers.
For this purpose, we are moving in a direction based on long-term and maximum customer satisfaction, where our customers can see us as a strategic partner, with our experience in the sector from the past, and we are constantly improving ourselves in this way. In the future, we have chosen as a vision to be one of the important and sought-after organizations that make a real difference in the sector we are in, by creating solutions suitable for the developing time and conditions.